The Best Slushee Slime ASMR is made with Victory Pellets.

Our Slushee Beads create the perfect audio & physical experience with soothing therapeutic crunches & tingling sensations. Stimulate your mind by playing with slime offering great pop sounds & pleasing texture.

  • Make Your Slime

    Add Victory Slushee Beads into an under activated sticky slime to prevent bead fallout.

  • Then Combine

    Generously fill to make 1-2 slushees at 8 ounces each or sprinkle your slime add in to create more.

  • Enjoy!

    Victory Pellets create the best Slushee Slime ASMR! Reuse, Upcycle or Recycle.

We've Partnered with Sloomoo!

Sloomoo Institute x Victory Pellets

Victory Pellets has partnered with the Sloomoo Institute, a sensory museum centered around slime & other ASMR activities.

Check out their work.

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  • Victory Pellets for Slime!

    Love these beads. I use them in my slime creations. They make the slime super crunchy!

  • Sloomoo

    We love @victorypellets and the custom packaging they did with us!

  • Victory Pellets

    I use @victorypellets for all my slushee slimes & ALWAYS because they are the best ever!

  • Favorite Slushee Beads

    Making slushee slime with my favorite slushee beads from @victorypellets.  They have super affordable slushee beads!

  • Slushee Slime

    Beads are from @victorypellets and they’re perfect!  This is the first time I made my own slushee slime and I love it so much!

  • Summer Slush

    Gummy Summer Slush filled with super cute charms & Victory Pellets!