Slushee Beads

Victory Pellets create the perfect Slushee Slime to stimulate your mind with soothing crunches, tingling sensations & pop sounds. Video courtesy of Sloomoo Institute.

  • Make Your Slime

    Create under activated sticky slime with Elmer's Clear or White Glue to prevent bead fallout.

  • Then Combine

    Generously fill or sprinkle your slime with Victory Pellets for custom texture & sounds.

  • Enjoy!

    Satisfying Slushee Slime ASMR! Reuse, Upcycle or Recycle.

We've Partnered with Sloomoo!

Sloomoo Institute x Victory Pellets

Victory Pellets has partnered with the Sloomoo Institute, a sensory museum centered around slime & ASMR activities.

Check out their work.

Craft Filler Beads

Victory Pellets stuffing beads add custom weight & stability to plush
crafts, sensory items & DIY projects with a cool, clean, smooth texture.

  • Excellent!

    I use these beads to stuff my knitted teddy bears. - Pat

  • Just Right for My Project

    I am using these pellets to weigh down my crochet dolls so they will sit up. Can use in smaller item to help them stand up. - Library Lady

  • Victory Poly Pellets

    I use these pellets in my reborn dolls. They are good quality & much cheaper since I can buy in bulk. Also the resealable bag is very handy. - Lawrence Bennett

  • Perfect for Making Toys

    Gives a nice weight & stability for stuffed soft toys. When I run low, I am definitely buying more. - P.H.

  • Clean & Smooth

    These pellets are a fantastic buy! They are extremely clean & smooth, super easy to work with & I am happy to support an American company. :-) - Jellen

  • Only Poly Pellets You Need!

    These are the best pellets for weighted items! I love their size & smooth texture; their quality is exceptional. No dust or extra pieces in the bottom of the package! Excellent seller, highly recommend! - A.C.